Who am I?

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The Editor

Who am I? This question, often so asked, suggests that there is actually a plausible answer. According to Demetri Martin (one of my favorite authors), "I am many things, and I am one thing, but I am not a thing that is just lying around somewhere" ([[1]]).

First and foremost, I am a human. I dont know if there's really a difference between a "Human Being" and "Being a Human" but definitely, I am a human... Woman in particular... A career woman... I am a daughter, a sister, a mom, and a perfectly gorgeous wife haha! Only my husband knows about it (wink!). I am a She, I am a Her, and a Lady.

People have known me by many names... When i was a kid, they often call me "Telet"... During my elementary years, some had called me "Tere". It is during my highschool when i had accumulated different names, Some called me "Teyeza, Tes, The, Tey, Thammy, Tamy Bhabes" and the rest had already forgotten. My college colleagues had called me "Trisha". When i pursue my career at work I became "Thea". So many names, but refers only to one person - ME!

Today, I want you to meet "Twailah"... the other side of Me.

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