Twailah 092080

Bureaucrat Founder
  • Twailah 092080

    I love you because it's effortless. Because all I have to do is be myself. I would not have to try to be someone other than myself nor try to pretend because you make me proud of who I am. I love you because there is nothing else I desire or am capable of doing as beautifully, flawlessly and justly as loving you. I love you because it 's unexpected, a completely natural act which I see as something more of a blessing. I love you because you are worth it. Although sometimes it has brought me pain and tears, I love you because it's right. I wish I could give you reasons more concrete than actions I could provide, but any proof that I can give you would still not be enough to encompass what I truly feel for you. I could give you an endless li…

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